After your garden is completely finished it is essential to ensure its proper maintenance. In order to fully enjoy it, your green space must always have a neat, healthy, pleasant and harmonious look.

The regularity of garden maintenance is evaluated by our team of gardeners, taking into account the time of year, the type and the dimensions of the garden.

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Over time, proper maintenance of private gardens - residences or condominiums - is fundamental for your green space to always maintain a careful look.

We have available a monthly maintenance with 2 interventions, from 50 € / month, contact us for more information.

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The maintenance of public gardens is essential, as they are spaces visited by many people and are subject to very violent daily aggressions, such as the weather (rain, sun, frost), pollution, the stepping of animals and people.

At Espaço Verde Jardins, we evaluate the conditions and maintenance requirements of each space, always keeping in mind the species of plants, type of lawn and the use the garden will be given.

The maintenance of public gardens applies to schools, courts, institutions, municipal gardens, hospitals, health centers, parks and green spaces, among other collective spaces.

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