Irrigation Systems



Irrigation Systems

An adequate conception and installation of the irrigation system, allows to evenly distribute the amount of water necessary for the good development of plants.

We are available to assist you in the installation of your irrigation system.

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Irrigation by sprinkling is a process by which water is distributed to plants through sprinklers or water cannons (these devices can be fixed or mobile). Irrigation by pulverization differs only in the device that spills the water, creating a "shower" effect.

This type of irrigation is used in smaller spaces, where it is possible to minimize the dispersion of water.


The drip irrigation system distributes water to the soil through drippers, directly in the root area of the plant, at a high frequency and low intensity.

This system guarantees less waste of water and total watering efficiency. In addition, because it is a localized irrigation system, the crop that is irrigated will always have a soil with the humidity it needs.